After one month spent on watching Gnomon Workshops tutorials, I can create such a beast! Zbrush is my new passion. Working in this program is super exciting. You start with a small piece of digital clay, and ton of hours later you finish with something so immense and complex. In fact, this creature is one of my first projects I was working on, and raised up completely while watching introducory tutorials. You can imagine my enthusiasm when discovered whole bunch of amazing stuff like texturing, colouring the model, sculpting details and of course achieving the final result.

For me as a 2D graphic for most of the time, the posibbility to render the model and watch it from any desired angle, is the new experience and great possibility. Now I am able to tell the story more, show some closeups and go dive into the details.

To be honest, I didin't expect that painting in the 3D modeling program will be so accurate and precise. I'd rather presumed to see some basic flat colours, obviously needed to be corrected later in the Photoshop, but in fact obtained all the transparency, brushes, masks and layer options.

What's more, the program gives an amazing possibility to set the lightning, exactly the same as in the photographic studio. At the beginnig, I was working with the flat light, just to build up the basic forms and shapes, but then the magic begun. I turned some switches on and started playing wit the mood. I shifted the light little bit upward to the side and added some delicate additional light from behind the back. Setup like this brings me the natural light, very similar to the daylight flooding trought the window.

It is always like that when you're learning some new stuff, it looks very difficult. Then, after you'll go through it and master the tool, it occurs that it is so simple. I was struggling with the jaw and teeth from the picture beneath for whole three days, really crying, burning my brain so much... but it was all worth it. Finally, I found the solution, and the prize of "understanding" is the real treasure!

At the very begining, you just look for the form. It's really pleasure time, just playing with the general shapes with no pressure and just like that, the ideas come to mind by themself!