Lost Statue

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After one month spent on watching Gnomon Workshops tutorials, I can create such a beast! Zbrush is my new passion. Working in this program is super exciting. You start with a small piece of digital clay, and ton of hours later you finish with something so immense and complex...

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Character concepts #01

I've made all those character concepts by painting them on a digital tablet. I only added some textures as a background to emphasize the feeling of the reality. Characters I've created, are a part of the survival story which takes place in post-apocaliptic world. They are average people, who suddendly need to take an impossible task...

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Figure studies #02

This is my first attempt to draw with the charcoal. At the begining I couldn't manage working with the new tool the same comfortably as with the pencil, but with the help of some practise, it occured that it can be quite precise...

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Personal, DrawingMichal Klimecki
Sculpture - Man

Here I want to show You my first steps in Zbrush. After a few days of learning hard with the Gnomon Workshops, I found this program to be an incredible tool for digital sculpting.  I can see that it has got the endless amount of possibilities to bring my ideas to life...

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Promised Land

Just got back from an incredible Promised Land Art Festival. For me it was a very first game industry event I took part in, and from the first minute it was outstanding! During all four days We had conferences with best CG artists, workshops, sculpting and drawing classes and even free food...

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PersonalMichal Klimecki
I am

I'd like to show you a short movie directed and edited by my wife Kateryna. It was her art vision for the University project, with the task to answer to the subject “I AM”...

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Personal, VideoMichal Klimecki